The market and commercial situation

New orders acquired during the period totalled €890 million, compared to €390 million in the corresponding period of the previous year.

Specifically, the key events of the reporting period are described by geographical segment below:


New orders total approximately €74 million, including that relating to the trial site for the HDTS system in Florence (roughly €11 million), that relating to the full service maintenance of on-board equipment for the ERT 500 highspeed trains (roughly €10 million) and, in the ACC segment, those of Villa Literno and Aversa-Gricignano (roughly €15 million and €10 million, respectively).


New orders approximate €121 million, of which roughly €69 million relates to Denmark and mainly refers to the expansion of the Copenhagen Cityringen project to include work variations and maintenance contracts.

In France, new orders approximate €41 million and include that with RATP to maintain the Paris metro (about €6 million), project variations and components for conventional and high speed railway lines (approximately €4 million) and various components contracts (roughly €12 million).


This area includes the commercial activities in Qatar in relation to the Doha metro.


In South America, the group obtained considerable commercial success, winning the contract for the Lima metro (approximately USD 710 million or €512 million).

New orders in the United States of America total €85 million in the reporting period, including €31 million relating to the sale of components, maintenance and renovation of freight railway lines, roughly €19 million relating to the Red line project of the Washington DC metro (WMATA), approximately €15 million relating to the signalling of the New York Harold Tunnel (LIRR, Long Island Railroad) and about €7 million relating to the supply of on-board equipment for the AnsaldoBreda trains for the Miami (Florida) metro.


New orders for the reporting period come to approximately €95 million, of which roughly €42 million were acquired in Australia for mining and freight transport railway lines, including variations related to the master agreement with Rio Tinto (€33 million) and the Moreton Bay Rail Link Signalling contract (roughly €9 million). In China and South Korea, orders amount to approximately €50 million. Specifically, orders in China include the supply of 184 on-board devices featuring “C3 Chinese high speed” technology (roughly €11 million) and those for the customer Insigma (approximately €21 million).


Key orders acquired in the first six months of 2014 are as follows:

Country Project Customer Amount (€m)
Peru Lima metro - lines 2 and 4 Lima municipality 512.3
Denmark Copenhagen City Ring, Extension + variation Metroselskabet 62.0
Australia Rio Tinto (various contracts) Rio Tinto 32.6
China 4 Metros: HZL4 – SY10 trains - Xi’an 25 trains - DL Ph 2 Insigma 20.7
USA WMATA Red line ATP Track Module replacement WMATA 18.9
Italy Villa Literno ACC RFI 15.2
USA LIR ESA GCT Harold Tunnel LIRR 14.6
South Korea High speed on-board devices Rotem 12.6
China 184 C3 on-board devices (components) Hollysys 10.6
Italy Cancello-Aversa-Gricignano ACC update RFI 10.0
Italy SSB ETR500 maintenance Trenitalia 9.8
Australia Moreton Bay suburban line DOT 9.2
USA Components, services and maintenance Various 31.2
Various Europe Components, services and maintenance Various 19.9

New orders for the six months ended 30 June 2014 and 2013 (€m)



Order backlog at 30 June 2014 and 2013 (€m)

The order backlog at 30 June 2014 amounted to €5,870.8 million compared to restated €5,567.3 million at 31 December 2013, up by €303.5 million (restated €5,388.6 million at 30 June 2013).

Order backlog

orders backlog

* The order backlog at 30 June 2013 included the residual amount of the Libyan contract signed with the Russian customer Zarubezhstroytechnology (ZST), which was decreased by roughly €172 million in December 2013 following the dispute.



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